Unlike most dark slate-clad lofts and mansards, this loft is clad in beautiful cedar shingles, which match the scale and colouring of the brickwork below. 
Over the course of time, natural cedar changes colour from warm reddish-yellow to whitish-yellow, the cooler tint complementing the London sky.

Deep reveal of the large window flanked with shelves on either side was designed to create a cozy reading nook among the tree tops.

Black and white bathroom with a free standing bath and a large walk-in shower were designed to maximise a sense of space. A projector screen can roll up and down between the bedroom and bathroom switching modes between private and open.

Bespoke plywood stair consists of closed winders  and a straight run of steps with open risers. The solid winders seem to be hewn from a solid piece of multilayerd ply, reminiscent of a block of excavated limestone.


A wire balustrade creates a continuous fall protection, which feels safer than conventional height balustrades. It also directs an eye towards, and frames - the skylight above.

double height spaces were created during the refurbishment by absorbing the eaves space into the volume of the first floor rooms.





120 sqm






Cedar House