Omsk New District








Omsk, Russia


9 ha

The masterplan and architectural concept of this mixed use, primarily residential district, developed by MOST Architecture for the city of Omsk in Russia, combined high density and economic efficiency of construction with a diverse, picturesque and comfortable living environment of friendly neighbourhoods.

High density prescribed by the brief was realised through a combination of tall towers located on the landscaped riverbank with low- and medium- height residential blocks located further into the land.

The picturesque living environment and economic efficiency were planned through a combination of a limited number of architectural elements, modular structures and staged construction programme.

Located in a district near the historic centre on the river bank, the new development capitalises on the waterfront views and plays with the idea of repetition for the sake of diversity.
The elongated site, located on the Northern bank of Irtysh river and surrounded on three sides by dispersed residential and office buildings, faced the river on one of the narrow sides.

This defined the basic architectural typologies of the district:  “extravert”    towers of different heights with quality views over the river and a landscaped park running to the water, and the “intravert”  block quarters formed in the “mainland” part of the site around interior elevated courtyard decks.

First  floors of the high-rises occupied by various public amenities, such as shops and cafes  with direct views and access to the river, became a social centre of attraction for the new district and surrounding area.